Why Choose Our Painting Contractors in St Paul

6 Reasons To Choose Our Painting Contractors for Your St. Paul Painting Project

Our local trusted service business
If you are looking for painting contractors in St Paul, look no further than St. Paul Exterior Painters! We have provided painting in the Greater St Paul area for 20 years. Work with our paint consultants to get the right colors for the exterior and interior of your home, making it look like new in a short time.

Quick and Efficient

Our painters realize how important it is to get the job done. We also restore your house to its original state so that you can get back to enjoying your home.

Top-Rated Services

For over 20 years, we have provided outstanding paint services to St. Paul. We also serve the surrounding areas of Bloomington, Plymouth, Edina, Maple Grove, and Eden Prairie.

Superior Results

Our highly trained and certified team of painters work intently, paying attention to every detail of the job. We also use quality paints so that we can deliver fantastic results each time.

Free Consultations and Estimates

Our friendly consultants work with you to determine the best colors for the interior or exterior of your home and provide estimates of costs and time to complete the project.

High-Quality Paint Brands

We work hard to provide you with 100 percent satisfaction and extraordinary results by using some of the highest quality paints and stains available for residential or commercial properties.

Customize Your Paint Colors

Do you want a color for your home that you can't seem to find anywhere? We offer a wide variety of colors and color customizations to help you achieve the look you desire.


See what our customers have to say:
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
We bought our dream home and it needed a lot of renovation work. We're DIY professionals, but we left the interior and exterior painting to the real experts at St. Paul Exterior Painters. It was the best decision and investment we made for this property. The work was flawless, the price was right, and the contractors were amazing to work with. Highly recommend this crew!"
- Samantha & Matt W.

Our Painting Contractors in St Paul Make Your Decks and Fences Look New

Your fences and your decks may be two of the most neglected parts of your property. However, with some care and detail from painting pros like us, we can make your property shine by reviving these areas. Choose from a variety of colors designed to make your fences stand out. Or choose from stains that will make your wood fences and decks look new without adding color to them. Our pros use environmentally friendly paints and stains that are vibrant and repel dirt for results that last a long time.

We start by offering you a no-obligation estimate on your paint job. Next, one of our paint estimators will examine the work we need to do and provide you with a detailed estimate of the services, along with the costs and timeline to complete the project. Then, one of our paint consultants will work with you to choose a paint or stain for your fence or deck that is perfect.

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Schedule Your Painting Services with Our Crew in St. Paul Today!

When you're ready, we will schedule the time for you to get the painting completed. Rest assured that our painters will thoroughly prep your decks and fences, remove dirt and old paint, and make minor repairs if necessary. Then, we start the actual painting services, painting your fences and decks with meticulous detail using top-quality paints. After finishing the painting project, one of our team members will inspect your job, ensuring it is complete. In addition, we make sure that we remove all of our mess, restoring your home to the clean state we found it in.

Are you ready to transform your embarrassing, neglected fences and decks into something more beautiful and enjoyable? Then, don't hesitate to book your appointment today! Call us at (651) 360-1126 to lock in your FREE quote on our fence and deck painting service or our other fine interior or exterior painting services.

Find Out How Our Painting Contractors in St Paul Can Make Your Roofs Cooler

When you read the title of this section, did you immediately think that we could make your house one of the "hippest, most stylish" homes on the block by just painting the roof? Although we can make your house look fantastic by painting the roof, this is not the type of "cool" roof we mean. Did you know that painting your roof can make it more energy efficient?

Cool roofs are becoming increasingly popular as a means of improving the energy efficiency of roofs. Roofs painted a lighter color can reflect sunlight away from your home. Dark-colored roofs in one area can create an urban heat island effect. As a result, this not only makes the property the roof is hotter but also the entire neighborhood.

We can cool your roof using lighter colors and reflective paints that may help you save on your energy bills, particularly in summer. So, are you ready to get a cooler roof in St Paul? Contact us today for a free estimate on roof painting by our skilled paint contractors in St Paul.

roof painting contractors in St Paul

A Great Looking Home Is Just A Few Brushstrokes Away!

Do you want your house to look new? Then, contact one of our skilled paint contractors for a free quote on interior or exterior paint services for your home. Call us at 651-360-1126
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