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About Our Commercial Painting in St. Paul

Commercial painting in St. Paul is an essential service that the professionals at St. Paul Exterior Painters provide to the local business community. A fresh coat of paint can improve how your customers perceive your company. Therefore, we provide commercial services in Saint Paul and numerous surrounding communities. We use top-grade commercial paints to paint a variety of businesses, including retail shops, restaurants, schools, churches, government buildings, hotels, apartments, and more. 

For over 20 years, our highly skilled team of painters has provided high-quality outcomes and excellent customer service. As a result, we have received top ratings from our delighted customers. We start by providing a free consultation to assist our customers with choosing the best paint choices for their business. 

If you are not satisfied with our standard colors, we work with you to customize colors to your liking. Once we achieve the color scheme you seek, we start the work. In a short time, we transform the interior and exterior of your business, making it more professional and beautiful.

Are you ready to become one of our many highly satisfied customers? Then, don't hesitate to call and schedule your free consultation and get a free quote on our commercial painting in St. Paul.

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Why You Should Get Commercial Painting in St. Paul

Many business owners put a considerable amount of money and effort into selling their products. They also put a significant amount of time and effort into packaging and branding their products. Unfortunately, some business owners don't realize how important it is for their buildings to look just as good. You may have one of the best products on the market, but an unattractive store may discourage foot traffic. Here are a few reasons you should consider getting your commercial building painted.

  • It looks professional
  • It makes your building look cleaner and newer
  • Lighter indoor paint colors may make certain rooms look bigger
  • Color schemes may improve employee mood

You may not be able to afford significant upgrades to your business. But, a fresh coat of paint may be the only upgrade you need to make substantial changes in your commercial environment. 

Let the professionals at St. Paul Exterior Painting speak with you about improving the interior and exterior of your commercial building with our top grade paints. Call one of our professionals today to schedule your consultation and get a free quote on commercial painting in St. Paul.

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Attract More Attention With A Fresh Coat of Paint

You may be wondering how a Fresh coat of paint can help improve your business. Well, one way it can help improve your business is by making it more attractive. Removing old, chipping paints from your building and replacing it with new fresh colors can work wonders on your business. It can even help your business stand out more than it has in the past.

Making a good impression should go beyond your service or product. It should also reflect in your building. If you want to send the message that you care about your customers and provide top-notch services, refreshing your building with interior and exterior paints will make a good impression. Our painters use some of the highest quality paint brands on the market to ensure lasting results.

Don't continue to let the bad condition of your building scare off customers! Instead, call one of our representatives today to schedule your free consultation and get an estimate on interior and exterior commercial painting in Saint Paul.

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Can Interior Paints Affect My Customers?

It is well-known that colors can affect mood. Believe it or not, the color schemes in your business may be affecting customer outcomes. If your customers have to shop or receive services in dark, uninspiring rooms, chances are this could be hurting your sales.

Our experts work with you to choose the best color schemes for your offices so that you experience increased productivity and improve the mood of both your employees and your guests. We also are sure that we paint your exterior with color schemes that attract attention and show a high level of sophistication.

Are you ready to liven up your workspace? Then, don't hesitate to contact us today for a free consultation and free estimate on our commercial painting services.



See what our customers have to say:
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
We bought our dream home and it needed a lot of renovation work. We're DIY professionals, but we left the interior and exterior painting to the real experts at St. Paul Exterior Painters. It was the best decision and investment we made for this property. The work was flawless, the price was right, and the contractors were amazing to work with. Highly recommend this crew!"
- Samantha & Matt W.

Other Painting Services Available in St. Paul

The expert painters at st. Paul exterior painters provide high-quality commercial painting in Saint Paul and the surrounding areas. However, commercial painting isn't are only painting service. We also offer top-quality interior and exterior residential painting services. We paint a variety of surfaces, including fences, decks, roofs, cabinets, interior walls, and garages. Contact us today for a free estimate if you need these services in Saint Paul or neighboring cities.

Residential Painting

Exterior Painting

Interior Painting

Commercial Painting

A Great Looking Home Is Just A Few Brushstrokes Away!

Do you want your house to look new? Then, contact one of our skilled paint contractors for a free quote on interior or exterior paint services for your home. Call us at 651-360-1126
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