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We paint many exterior surfaces. But one of our most in-demand services provided by our deck painters in St Paul is deck painting and staining. They work diligently to apply stains or paint to your existing decks to improve the overall look of your yard.

Our paints and stains make your deck gorgeous, but they also protect your decks from ultraviolet rays, harsh weather, insects, moisture damage, and more.

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Top Benefits of Deck Painting in St Paul

Sometimes it's great to take a moment to enjoy the aesthetic beauty of your yard from your deck. Of course, sitting on your deck also allows you to take in some sunshine. But if your deck isn't in tip-top shape, this can distract from its beauty.

  • It helps improve the overall look of your home
  • Cracks and other blemishes aren't easily visible
  • Helps prevent rot and moisture problems
  • It may help keep off pests

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Get Your Deck Ready For Entertaining

As it heats up, you may be ready to enjoy the outdoors in your backyard. Additionally, you may want to invite guests so that they can take part in the festivities. But one thing you probably don't want to do is invite them over to sit on an unsightly deck.

Our highly skilled painters will fix minor blemishes and paint your deck to make it beautiful for your next event. And if you want to improve the beauty of your natural wood, our painters can also stain your deck.

Do you have a deck that needs painting before an upcoming event? Call us, and we'll deliver. One of our consultants is ready to schedule your inspection and provide a FREE estimate.

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deck painter in St. Paul

Should You Paint or Stain Your Deck? Ask Our Knowledgable Deck Painters in St. Paul

It may be time for you to make a change to your deck. But you may be wondering if you should paint it or stain it. It is all a matter of choice for you. If you want a stain, know that it will help protect your natural wood and allow you to display the natural wood grain.

Unfortunately, if you have flaws with your wood, staining won't be able to hide them. However, if you choose to paint your deck instead, you will have more color options available. The paint will also hide many of the flaws with your deck, especially if you have a much older deck.

If you need help determining the right choice for you, call our exterior painters in St. Paul today to schedule a FREE consultation and get a FREE quote.



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We bought our dream home and it needed a lot of renovation work. We're DIY professionals, but we left the interior and exterior painting to the real experts at St. Paul Exterior Painters. It was the best decision and investment we made for this property. The work was flawless, the price was right, and the contractors were amazing to work with. Highly recommend this crew!"
- Samantha & Matt W.

Other Painting Services Available in St. Paul

The exterior in St. Paul Exterior Painters describes the nature of most of our work. We perform exterior painting on homes, fences, decks, roofs, and garages. In addition, we perform interior painting on cabinets, interior walls, doors, and basements. Would you like us to paint the interior or exterior of your home? Call today to schedule a consultation and get a FREE quote.

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