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Our Spectacular Fence Painting Services in St. Paul 

Have you recently considered hiring fence painters in St Paul? Well, look no further than the experts at St. Paul Exterior Painters. For over 20 years, we have provided outstanding services to residential and commercial customers in local and nearby areas. Our colorful paint options and top-notch brands keep customers coming back and referring their friends and family. We take pride in our craftsmanship. Our customers consistently provide us with high ratings for our solid attention to detail.

Are you ready to become one of our happy customers? Then, contact us today so we can schedule your consultation and provide you with a FREE quote on our wood fence painting or metal fence paint in St. Paul.

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Benefit Of Using Our Local Fence Painters 

One of the best outcomes of fence painting in St. Paul is that it can make your fence look new. But did you know that painting your fence can also protect it from rotting or rusting? It can also improve your home's curb appeal, which can enhance the value of your home. Additionally, it will allow you to stand out from your neighbors, especially if they have the same type of fence.

Many opt to paint their wood fences white to have a traditional white picket fence. However, we have many color options available. For instance, if you have metal fences, we can paint them various colors, including the popular black or green choices.

If your fence needs a makeover, let's get started! Contact us today to lock in a FREE quote from our fence painters in St. Paul.

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Act Now to Protect Your Fence From the Weather and Other Outside Conditions

Natural wood fences are quite beautiful and don't necessarily need painting. However, since wood is so porous, it can attract moisture and bacteria. Snow and rain can speed up moisture problems with your fence.

On the flip side, the sun can do quite much damage, too. The UV rays and heat beating down on your fence can dry it out and cause fading. Additionally, your wood fences may attract certain pests such as carpenter ants, termites, and horntail wasps.

Metal fences are also susceptible to outdoor conditions. For example, rain can cause the metal to rust over time, creating an unsightly look. So, to minimize these problems with your fence, we recommend that you consider painting them.

If you are ready to learn more about the benefits of fence painting in St. Paul, call today to schedule your consultation and get a FREE quote. 

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Why Should You Hire Fence Painters in St Paul?

Many homeowners prefer the natural look of their wood or metal fence. While they do show quite will in their natural state, problems that arise with wood fences may start to rot. Likewise, metal fences can begin to rust. Having a rotting or rusting fence can be a massive eyesore on your property, mainly if it is in the front of your house.

It is a good idea to paint your fences to prevent these problems. But keep in mind that all paints aren't created equal. Therefore, if you want to keep your paint from chipping, fading, or alligatoring, the correct type of paint must be applied. Professional painters know how to complete the best fence painting. Therefore, if you want to achieve high-quality results by painting your fence, it is a good idea to call out professionals.

St. Paul Exterior Painters is ready to help you with your fence painting project in St. Paul! Call us today, and we will schedule your consultation and provide a FREE quote on our service. Don't forget to check out our professional painting blog



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We bought our dream home and it needed a lot of renovation work. We're DIY professionals, but we left the interior and exterior painting to the real experts at St. Paul Exterior Painters. It was the best decision and investment we made for this property. The work was flawless, the price was right, and the contractors were amazing to work with. Highly recommend this crew!"
- Samantha & Matt W.

St. Paul Painters Paint Interiors & Exteriors!

Although our name has exterior in it, these aren't the only surfaces we paint. We have earned an outstanding reputation for our gorgeous outdoor painting projects over the years. In addition, we have also received accolades for our inside paint jobs. We can paint many interior surfaces, including walls, trim, baseboards, ceilings, cabinets, and more. Also, we provide services to both residential and commercial customers. So, if you are ready to have your house painted inside and out, call us today!

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A Great Looking Home Is Just A Few Brushstrokes Away!

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